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Medical research has established that an estimated 14 – 25 % females of child bearing age suffer from menstrual irregularity. While the awareness for menstruation remains relatively poor for many reasons particularly in under-developed countries like India, one can only imagine the lack of consciousness among people regarding irregular periods. This makes it a matter of concern that requires immediate attention. The smartest first step towards treating this condition is consulting a doctor. The cherry on top would be free online consultation for irregular periods from the best-ranked gynecologists that can be easily availed at Vedas Cure.

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What are irregular periods?

The standard menstruation cycle is of 28 days. This, however, may not be the case for everyone. Many females experience a delay in their periods. This in certain cases involves a delay of months. These are termed irregular periods. A more scientific term for this condition is oligomenorrhea.


How to determine whether or not the menstrual period is irregular?

The easiest way is to count. The number of days between the last day of the previous period and the first day of the current should remain between 21-35 days.


What are the causes for irregular periods?

The causes vary from person to person. While few of them can be treated, the others point out significant medical problems.

  • Hormonal imbalance: Menstruation is controlled by two main hormones, namely, estrogen and progesterone. The female body experiences various changes from the point it hits puberty. Thus, it takes years for the body to reach hormonal balance. Till, any change in the hormones, result is certain consequences of which irregularity in periods is a major part.
  1. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): This syndrome is a result of the production of androgens – a male hormone, my ovaries. More than 80% of the women with irregular periods are victims of this problem. The hormonal imbalance can delay periods by months. It involves symptoms like intense growth of body hair, deeper voice, hair fall along irregular periods.
  2. Thyroid/pituitary glands disorder: Herein, low and high production of thyroid hormone or too much production of prolactin by the pituitary gland, can cause abnormal delays in the period cycle.
  3. Perimenopause: The transition causes erratic changes in the period cycle. This is a natural process wherein the body prepares itself for the changes.
  4. Use of contraceptives & intrauterine devices: They can also result in irregular bleeding.
  5. Stress and anxiety: Mental well-being plays a huge role in controlling hormonal balance in the body which evidently is the main reason behind the regularity of periods.
  6. Eating disorder, extreme weight gain, or extreme weight loss: Such conditions provoke the body to undergo changes. While the body accommodates, a certain malfunctioning is expected in the form of irregular periods.
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID): The underlying cause for this disease is sexually transmitted infections except for AIDS, which when spread to the uterus, are capable of affecting the menstrual cycle. Major symptoms alongside irregularity are heavy bleeding during the periods or spotting between the cycles.

Treatment for irregular periods

A variety of treatments for irregular periods have been deciphered over the course of time. While consulting a gynecologist should be preferred, there are several other home remedies that can be incorporated into the daily routine to ensure regular periods.

Some of the human-remedies are:

  1. Yoga: Yoga has been the cure to innumerable body problems since time immemorial. Medical studies have proven that 30-40 mins of yoga and particularly the asanas designed specifically for better menstrual health are the best way to restore balance.

Yoga helps in restoring both physical and mental Dhanurasana, Ustrasana, Bhujangasana, Malasana are few of the yoga poses that help with irregular periods.

  1. Maintaining healthy weight: To ensure perfect functioning of the body, one must always adjust their weight in accordance with their age and height. This helps in maintaining a balance. The fat cells are believed to have an impact on hormones. Therefore, they must be kept in check.

  2. Daily exercise: Body mobility is an extremely important factor in balance in the body. It can be helpful in maintaining a healthy weight. People with PCOS are strongly advised to exercise daily. Exercise also helps with pain caused during menstruation.

What are the available medications for irregular periods?

Whether it is an offline or an online consultation with a gynecologist, the treatment will involve medications required for restoring the regularity of the periods. Medicines like medroxyprogesterone or metformin can be prescribed given the condition. A low birth control pill may also come in handy. However, it should be noted that no medicine should be consumed without a prescription from the doctor. While it may prove useful sometimes, it can equally cause a side-effect in the body.

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