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Skin pigmentation has emerged to become a serious problem as a lot of skin cells are damaged over a period of time which may take years to heal. This is a concerning situation considering how obsessed people around us are about flawless skin. It would be a smart step to go for a consultation about your condition before it gets too late. Searching for a free online consultation for pigmentation could be a bothersome task for many and keeping that in mind, Vedas Cure has tried to help people out with that.

Contrary to popular belief, online skin doctor consultation for your skin problem is actually way better than going for an offline one. In the wake of the corona virus pandemic, demand for skin doctor online consultation has risen exponentially because nobody would want to go outside their homes in such difficult times. We have the best online skin doctor consultation free of cost for not just pigmentation, but all your other skin problems. The online skin doctor free consultation provided by us has proven to be very fruitful for a lot of individuals who had a plethora of skin problems.

Things to know about Skin Pigmentation

The development of spots across a specific part of your skin or throughout the skin for reasons like injury, surgery, pregnancy, sunburns, or allergies is called Skin Pigmentation. Skin pigmentation is a very unpleasant skin condition as it not just destroys your skin, it also destroys your confidence.

The need to constantly look attractive among young people plays a major role in the psychological effects of skin pigmentation. Apart from that, the physical impacts of skin pigmentation are quite alarming. The skin cells which have become dead will not replenish if the affected person does not get the right treatment in time.

Although there are multiple options available for the treatment of the said disease, it has been wisely said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, you must not get involved in anything which might cause pigmentation on your skin. Other than that, you can try using different types of sunscreens, lotions, and creams to protect your skin from getting pigmented.

Apart from that, you can wear proper clothes which will shield you from the harmful effects of the sunlight. Prevention of certain things would help in saving a lot of money which would be spent on your treatment.

Treatments Available for Skin Pigmentation

Thankfully, skin pigmentation is a curable disease that can be cured when the right treatment is given at the right time. Some of the major skin pigmentation treatments are –

  1. Topical Treatment: This treatment focuses on the primary aspects of curing the condition. Here, ointments, gels, and creams are applied to the affected areas. It is advised by doctors at the beginning of the problem so that it does not deteriorate further. Over-the-counter products which can be bought without any prescription and are enriched with salicylic acid and lactic acid are used in this.
  1. Phototherapy:The use of ultraviolet light in narrow and broad bands on the affected parts is called phototherapy. Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause some serious health hazards in the future, therefore, doctors often advise against this therapy. Besides, it is not everyone’s cup of tea since it is quite expensive.
  1. Chemical Peels: A chemical-heavy mode of treatment that uses a different type of chemicals that can lighten the skin after their peels are removed from your skin. This treatment has its own side effects which make it a major disappointment against skin pigmentation.

Get Free Online Consultation for Pigmentation

We are providing free online consultation for pigmentation wherein you will be educated about the disease, its prevention and the natural way of treating it by our team of excellent doctors. Again, not a single penny would be charged from you for this free online consultation for pigmentation session. However, when you are convinced about the natural treatment of skin pigmentation after getting an online skin doctor consultation free of cost, then you will be asked to pay for the medicines which we provide as a part of our natural treatment.

By treating you naturally, we mean that we offer ayurvedic treatment and medicines which have been proven to be effective against skin pigmentation without leaving any side effects. The natural treatment for skin pigmentation is a feasible option as not only it is effective, it is also cost-efficient too! You must not keep yourself from reaching out to one of the best online skin doctor consultations free in India which are available at us. We will provide you with the right advice and the right treatment, you will begin to see the positive changes after a certain time interval.

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