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Stomach-related problems have seen rapid growth over the past few years, credit goes to the type of food we are eating. Also, changes in our eating habits play a major contributing role in these stomach-related health problems. Gastric disorders, indigestion, inflammation, and other such diseases can be avoided by following a proper diet and maintaining a healthy weight. In case of a stomach disorder like acidity or GERD, you can always get free online consultation for acidity & GERD to provide by Vedas Cure.

We are trying to make everyone a healthy individual by giving them a natural course of treatment that will improve their health statuses a lot. People suffering from Acidity and GERD are often found searching for an online gastroenterologist or an online gastroenterologist doctor

The common myth about online gastroenterologist consultation is that it is expensive and is not that fruitful. An online gastroenterologist free consultation is provided by us to those who are suffering from acidity and GERD. We understand how adversely these two have affected your body and how important it is to take care of these two. Thus, we have availed this free online consultation for acidity and GERD for those who are troubled.

Did you know this about Acidity and GERD?

When the stomach acid finds its way to the pipe connecting your mouth and stomach, it leads to this situation called GERD. GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Whereas, acidity is the sensation of burning and sour burps which makes it uneasy for us to make it through the day. Acidity and GERD are common problems among individuals who are obese and those who overeat. Therefore, one should take good care of their body weight and their food choices if they do not want to get these two.

Acidity and GERD are caused due to excessive consumption of food (does not matter if it is spicy or not), obesity, smoking and drinking alcohol beverages.

 The pipe that connects our stomach and mouth is filled with stomach acid which leaves a burning sensation in our chest which can even affect parts of our neck. This situation is called Heartburn. To prevent that, you can always resort to the easy way out, which is – to not do anything which will cause Acidity and GERD in your body.

Treatments available for Acidity and GERD

Since acidity is a common problem faced by a lot of individuals, there have been a lot of primary treatments like antacids, milk of magnesia, citrus fruits etc. Now, citrus fruits are acidic in nature, but they work against the effect of acidity somehow.

Have you ever noticed how eating a few orange slices cures the uneasiness in your chest and mind? Also, GERD can be prevented by not eating too much spicy food which could lead to the creation of harmful substances inside your body.

Apart from that, you can always try not to smoke or drink.
Remember, keeping yourself away from the reasons which might cause trouble to you is better than finding the solution for that trouble.

Now, in case you have a severe problem of acidity and GERD, then the best course of action would be to get treated properly. By proper treatment, we mean that you should get all the necessary medications that will help improve your health. Other than that, Proton Pump Inhibitors are used in one certain method of treating GERD. Also, surgery is an option if things have really gotten out of hand. But they come with their own cons.

Vedas Cure Free Online Consultation For Acidity and GERD

The above stated treatments for Acidity and GERD are preferred by many individuals, but what should concern you is the fact that all of them are expensive and require a lot more care from your side to ensure that your treatment is truly a success.

But, do you really have that kind of time and money? Spending money and time on your self is definitely a good idea, but what is the use of all that if it was not fruitful at all? When you book a free online consultation for acidity and GERD with us, you will get to know about the natural treatment for these two.


Our counsellor would help you understand the need of a natural treatment by showing you how wonderful and effective our treatment has turned out to be for a lot of individuals.

The best part is that we do it for free, you’ll be charged for the medications however so that we can continue to provide such free sessions to help people like you. You can give us a call or reach out to us whenever you feel like, we’ll be happy to help.

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