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Time has tested the limitations of human bodies in all ways imaginable. With time, our bodies deteriorate and get a lot of diseases. Arthritis is a major disease that affects most individuals during their old age and commonly it is known as joint pain. Arthritis has changed the way people live in a lot of ways and with no definite successful mode of treatment, it has grown into a big problem. Therefore, it is important for someone with this disease to get a free online consultation for arthritis from the right place.

Finding a good rheumatologist who could help you get rid of rheumatoid arthritis is quite an exhausting task, especially when you have no idea who is the best rheumatologist specialist around you. In such a situation, it becomes important to do a bit of research about where you can get a good rheumatologist online consultation from. Online consultation is important these days because the pandemic has limited the physical movement of people for their own safety. Before we get into how we are the best free online consultation for arthritis providers, we need you to understand some basic things about the problem and where its conventional treatment lacks from a natural one.

About Arthritis – Causes and Symptoms

Arthritis is a physical condition in which the cartilage present between the joints of our bones begins to deteriorate either due to age, weight, or injuries. The job of this fixed yet flexible muscle known as cartilage is to provide a cushion or safe padding between the joints to avoid friction between them.

Upon deterioration of cartilage, this padding gets thin and vanishes completely after a certain period of time. This vanishing causes the bones of the joints to get in touch with each other while in motion and thereby causing great pain and discomfort.

Two common causes for two types of Arthritis are as follows –

  1. Normal Wear and Tear – This factor is associated with the most common type of arthritis which is known as osteoarthritis or OA. Osteoarthritis is caused when the cartilage of our body either takes damage due to some accident or infection.
  2. Autoimmune Disorder – Another common type of arthritis, that is, rheumatoid arthritis or RA is caused due to an autoimmune disorder wherein the synovium is attacked by the immune system of your own body.

Some common symptoms of arthritis include pain in the affected area, inability to walk, stiffness, swelling and inflammation.

Arthritis Treatments

Despite being a common problem, there are only a few conventional ways with the help of which arthritis could be treated. However, none of them guarantee that you will be able to get back to what it used to be like before arthritis after the treatment is done.

Believing that it is better to have something than nothing, people sign up for whatever treatment method is thrown at them. Let’s take a look at these treatment methods.

  1. Cold and Compression Therapy – Application of a cold and compression wrap against the affected area has proven to provide great relief in joint and muscle pain.
  2. Medications – Medications like analgesics, steroid free anti-inflammatory drugs and menthol based pain reliever creams are used to get some necessary relief from joint pain caused due to arthritis.
  3. Physiotherapy – It incorporates the physical exercises which are important to get better. Also, canes and walkers form an important part of physiotherapy.
  4. Surgery – The last resort to treat arthritis would be to undergo a surgery wherein the joints of major organs are interlocked until they fuse into one.

Get a free online consultation for arthritis about treating it naturally

The efficacy of the above-mentioned methods against arthritis except surgery have always been in question. The reason behind that is the lack of effectiveness these methods have against some serious arthritis problem. Therefore, it is better to get arthritis treated naturally as it is a natural problem for a lot of individuals as they get arthritis when they get old.
A free online consultation for arthritis would help you understand the problem in a better way and it would also help you figure out whether you need a natural treatment for arthritis.

We are emphasizing on the importance of a natural treatment because it has a good track record against arthritis. We use ayurvedic methods to help you get rid of this terrible disease.

We listen to your problems diligently and it is only after analyzing them carefully that we come up with a satisfying solution for them.
We have done it for many clients and we can do it for you as well.

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